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Most unmarried young adults feel strongly that pregnancy should be planned and think it is important to avoid unplanned pregnancy — at least right now.


Most young adults underestimate their chances of getting pregnant if they don’t use contraception. Among couples who have sex regularly, 85% will experience a pregnancy within one year if they do not use contraception. Six in 10 young adults (57% of both men and women) underestimate this risk.

Check out the following video “Unplanned Pregancy Prevention – Funny Fails”

Many unmarried young adults say they know little about even the most commonly-used methods of contraception.

There are a variety of safe and effective birth control methods. Want to explore all your options? Visit the following website:  to learn more. To get birth control and to see a provider, call Campus Center Student Health 317-274-2274 or Coleman Hall Clinic 317-274-8214 to make an appointment. For more information about IUPUI Health Services, visit our website at

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